Blue: The questioning of comprehending life; the absurd nature of navigating reason

Artist Statement

Blue is a character that navigates through everyday life and the struggles of mental health and illness. My exploration with Blue deals with an imaginative figure of awkward facial expression and stances; placed in isolated rooms and suburban domestic spaces, dealing with uncomfortable topics and daily rehearsals like making tea, washing or sleeping. My works deal with my inner struggle of anxiousness, anxiety disorder, derealisation, depersonalisation, existentialism and religious faith. Blue is both caught between these struggles but also an agent. I want viewers to get a sense that they are not alone, that we are all effectively navigating this space together, through everyday life and the awkward feeling of trying to understand our position in this space.

 Despite Blue not being completely blue, my exploration with colour deals with the different modes of emotions the human body carries.

Banner Image

‘Teatime with my therapist’. Oil on canvas 90x85cm 2023

‘So now what?’ Oil and glue on board 60x60cm. 2023

‘Tea Party’ Oil and glue on canvas 60x70cm 2023

When I began this body of work, I wanted to understand why I created Blue in the beginning. I wanted to unpack how I see Blue and what Blue means to me. Is Blue a sense of escapism of my reality? Is Blue interpreting my own reality? Is Blue my therapy?

But, how I currently see this body is:
Blue is questioning reason, but accepting that reason.

Blue is comprehending ones reality, by dissecting and understanding their positonality in the space.

Blue is connect, but disconnected Blue is trapped, but also free
Blue is part of us and also around us Blue is blue