• The Artist

    Acrylic on Board 40cmx33,5cm
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Beef (an Introduction)

Acrylic and oil on Board. 2021


Spiritual Warfare

Acrylic on board

59,5cm x 84cm

Those that bring Death

Acrylic on Canvas

64cm x 51cm

Those that Spy I

Acrylic on canvas

95cm x 74cm

Those that spy II

Acrylic on Canvas

95cm x 74cm

Those that Cook at 3am

Acrylic on canvas

75cm x 60cm


Acrylic on Canvas

70cm x 102cm

The Valley of Death

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 102cm

The Invasion

Acrylic on Canvas

74cm x 60cm

The Occupation

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 100cm

Those that dim our light

Acrylic on Canvas

102cm x 71cm

Those that are always after us

Acrylic on Camvas

100cm x 76cm

Keeping Clean

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 60cm

Free from dark Web

Acrylic on Canvas

100cm x 126cm

Artist Statement

My work explores spirituality and mythology. It is about the expanse inbetween and around the macrocosm of the spiritual realm and the realm of the physical lived experience. 

In this series in particular, it seeks to explore belief as it relates to the world of dreams and the physical lived experience. It is specifically centred around my belief(s) in relation to spiritual encounters with certain animals. It asserts my perspective into what I believe is the meaning(s) or interpretation(s) of these spiritual encounters with these animals. It achieves this through painted compositions of scenes experienced in the spiritual realm of dreams as well as spiritual or mythological signs experienced in the physical realm. It presents an insight into the workings of my mythological and belief system, how it either works for or against me in the physical lived experience. Be that as it may, spirituality only becomes what it is. For belief is contested. Nothing is ever absolute.

I seek to interrogate and find out about the meaning of my dreams as it relates to animals.I am also investigating how certain spiritual beliefs affect and impact our relationship and general outlook with certain animals. Through this investigation I seek to find or create more meaning, as well as to find out how the two worlds(spiritual and physical) interchange, speak to, relate to and affect one another. 

The work is influenced, draws from and seeks to continue from the renaissance biblical and mythological depictions of dreams, the tradition of symbolism art whilst operating heavily in the realm of surrealism. I use shapes and hard lines reminiscent of cubist painters, another one of my great influences. These shapes also speak to recreation. Just like a puzzle, I recreate the dream or spiritual scene onto the canvas. I am also a big fan of theatre, so the lighting system used in the work is influenced by theatre lights and aesthetics.