Arts and crafts as a healing mechanism
The impression between art and crafts are greatly compared when it comes to defining what an artwork in either nature is. Although I try to work with the idea that emotion is better transferred into a craft artwork. As the raw emotion of the artist is poured into the artwork since a craft is never a fully planned out idea with an exact outcome but rather an outcome that depends on how the artist strives the work to be. The use of crafts has been around for many years and the pure emotion put into the work can contribute as a healing effect on an individual’s psyche, as it diverts their negative or positive emotions into a craft that holds meaning to the work they have created.

Nabi, 2020
Paper rolled and stuck with glue, sprayed with spray-paint
153cm x 165cm
Akisame, 2020
Galvanised wire
38cm x 42cm