Tehillah Snyman is a Pretoria/Johannesburg based artist who works in the mediums of photography, video and painting. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Wits School of Art. The disciplines of feminist psychoanalysis, critical disability studies, queer theory and new materialist thought inform her practice. Recognizing the desperate need for a cathartic, radical reimagining of normative ways of being that has become especially and often painfully visible in our contemporary moment, Tehillah’s intimate work repoliticizes mental illness as an effective antagonism-a generative site of dissatisfaction that destabilizes hegemonic ontologies by exposing their inherent untenability. Through her practice, she hopes to stimulate discourses that imagine new, intra-active ways of being, thinking, feeling, making and knowing that are kinder to humans and non-humans alike.

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