“In the dark of my subconscious, a pattern is forming. A deep wandering into the undiscovered passages of colour and chaos. A longing to situate some idea of normalcy? Or an attempt to reimagine what is normal? I suppose I won’t be getting much sleep tonight”

Create in order to destroy. Destroy so that you may create anew. This is the credo that informs my practice. One that is shaped by allowing the cyclic process of repetition; wherein the old informs the new. A praxis that is constituted by the application of an automatic mode of creation and consistent effort regardless of the final outcome. In this way it has evolved to become a performative endeavour through which I explore areas of the subconscious mind through a psychic immersion of self by way of visual storytelling. My interests lie in unpacking what it is about the mystic nature of graphic fiction and illustrative forms that sit at the intersections of media, therapy and storytelling. I compose imagery and notions of fantasy fiction of my own as well as of those pulled from various forms and figures in popular visual culture. By placing these works in conversation with diarized accounts and personal anecdotes of my day-to-day thoughts, imaginings and interactions I am able to locate a catharsis release in a way that allows me to not only emulate my favourite graphic forms but ‘make sense of’ my surroundings in a world no stranger to turbulence. In doing so, I am able to better understand more about my inner self in relation to my immediate environment through an objective lens.

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