The work focuses on using a created virtual space where the audience can experience/ view the inner workings of the ‘empty home’. The visual is a digital recreation of my own home. By using different aspects of the house, as well as focusing on where different focal points are in each room, I have created an empty and very sterile version of the goings-on of my home. However, while the videos and visuals themselves are sterile, the audio that accompanies the video (and which dictates the importance of certain elements) is what gives the sense of life and the sense of family. The audio is composed of different recordings of the daily activities of my home over the period of lockdown till the present. The audio also helps to highlight the struggle of trying to find a place of your own within the house (where six other people live), all while trying to come to terms with what it means to be a person of Portuguese descent born in South Africa.

Saudade Searching: Room 4

Saudade Searching: Room 5

Saudade Searching: Room 6