Sizalwa Ngobani Na?

The ReAppropriation of Commemorative Kangas into Contemporary Arts.

(b.1986) Simangaliso Sibiya is an artist, curator, and facilitator who lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sibiya graduated in 2016 as a printmaker from Funda Community College, formerly known as Funda Centre. Sibiya is currently a postgraduate associate at the WITS School of Arts studying his Honours in Fine Arts. Sibiya mainly works in printmaking, a medium which he deploys to address current cultural, political, and social issues within the context of his community of Soweto in particular, and of South Africa in general. Sibiya’s work explores the appropriation of printed cloth from the east coast of Africa called the Kanga. To honor creatives who produce(d) intergenerational art in the African continent and diaspora, into contemporary African Art.

He explores the use of leather, wood, and mixed media installations in his appropriation journey while retaining the core characteristics of a Kanga: the border, central motif, and proverb. Sibiya’s thought process is inspired by the radical group of practicing critics from Africa who taught and studied in the United States in the The 1960s known as the African Bolekaja critics. Sibiya’s work further attempts to model a methodology of a self-organizing unit of creatives he refers to as The Kousins, generally The Kousins will work within the framework of the African bolekaja critics as producers of Ibhayi-LamaCiko a contemporary commemorative cloth for cultural practitioners who have created and continue to create intergenerational art.

Vus’AmaZulu Ka Mutwa, 2023, Acrylic Paint, Spraypaint, Enamel paint, and LED lights on Masonite boards, 90cm Radius

Mpumelelo Ka Mutwa, 2023, Mixed Media on Canvas 1.65m x 1.80 m Radius

9:00 am – 5:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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