This work consists of a series of collages of images of mines in Southern Africa taken from Google Earth.
Each image is digitally altered to the point in which some tones are emphasised, and others disappear. A
specific tone is ‘extracted’ and the images are then layered on top of each other.
Thinking about this in terms of the concept of a ‘souvenir’ – an item made for the purpose of being
taken out if its country of origin to gain a form of capital for its owner. The act of something being taken
out – is the precise story of the mine – the extraction of something which unintentionally leads to the
emphasis of what is left behind. What is an artwork with the exclusion of its lightest or darkest shade?
And in asking that, what does that then emphasise? What is the landscape without its minerals – and
what is brought to the surface as a result?

UNmapping Mined Spaces
Digital Collage
673mm x 1189mm