Shana Lucas is a Fine Artist whose work centres around showing her inner-self and how her challenge with physical and mental health has shaped that view into a formless body. In her work ‘Deconstructed Portraiture: Under the Lens’. She creates a video using found footage of a knee operation she had when she was 15. She manipulates this footage and adds a layer of sound which is made up of distorted hospital noises and a panic attack she had in the hospital space. She works with theories around bodyscapes: the depiction of the body, which is often hidden from the world, rather than the skin we as human wear for everyone else to see. As well as viewing the sick body, her body, under a lens. She does this by re- imagines the body as a new form by morphing, rearranging, layering, confining, manipulating, and displaying it to be examined. Through this cutting and layering of these elements she creates images that are a representation of herself. Abstract, deconstructed self-portraits.

Deconstructed Portraiture: Under the Lens.