In a world where a variety of traditions and cultures exist, dominant practices prevail. Healing is experienced in many nuanced ways. Healing, much like everything else, exists with profit-driven objectives, pedagogical and epistemological standards, violence and hierarchical methodologies. Systems survive on promoting naturalising techniques- techniques deemed to be natural, normal and made to seem ‘essential’ and ‘legitimate’. Naturalised to fit the accepted norm; the biology, psyche, spirit and more, existing for the betterment of being Human. These naturalised techniques include methodologies, histories, principles and structures that intertwine, contradict, colonise and branch off each other. These systems within systems, despite their aim to heal, often operate in harmful and discriminatory ways.

Knowledge, whether truthful or not, is gained not only from taught understandings but also through practice. False dichotomies exist. Separating this from that and them from us. Living pluralistically evokes hierarchies where the dominant forms create the landscape. Mimicking modes of same-same but also so different. Naturalised landscapes of knowledge and standards, deeming and holding truths for others.

It is important for one to be critical of their knowledge as overconsumption/assimilation is a common occurrence. Meaning and representation often gets re-represented and re-constructed. Working in multi-dimensions, constructions are consumed, popularised and are often understood as Truth. Conventions, methodologies and traditions slowly alter to assimilate to a norm. An established norm that doesn’t usually get contested.

Assimilate 2020, Video, 02:12 minutes