One Thing On Top Of Another

you were born somewhere. you grew up somewhere else. you were brought up one way. you grew up another. you were raised to fit more than your own capacity. you were raised to be knowledgeable. you were raised to be independent. you were raised to pursue a career. you were raised to maintain a household. and suddenly now you are ready to settle down and start a family. are these my shoes. why are these my shoes. how many shoes do i have. how many shoes do i have to fill. are these shoes worth it. can i even fit into all these shoes with only two feet. but i am these shoes and this bridge cannot be burned. my identity is tied to these cultural duties. these cultural duties are part of my shoes. just do it, they said. keep piling it. keep on adding one thing on top of another. don’t stress if the cup overflows, she can take it. after all, diamonds only become more valuable after being put under constant pressure and constant work.

This work has layers. – Aras.