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My Yard/My Jaard/My Jaart

My current project (work-in-progress) explores and attempts to initiate a conversation around the legacy of mining and mine dumps within communities through viewing these historical “landscapes” as monuments that continually impact and affect the health and safety among other socio-economic problems of
those residents that live around or nearby these areas of dehumanization.

Landscapes and Monuments can be viewed and understood in a post-industrial world as demarcations that mediate between the past and present. By acting as indicators and markers of the past, they can be considered as evidence of continuity that extended and expanded beyond the demarcation (buffer zone).

The chair as a social construction within this project, therefore, aims not only to evoke the masses of the faceless and silent lives that have been impacted by migration, but it also acts as a catalyst that fosters and affects the ways in which people interact and behave.

Landscapes as monuments can be considered in this work-in-progress as symbolic references that highlight the connections between the current inhabitants and the past.