Telle mère, Telle fille I, Nous étions seese and Devenir are part of a digital album titled
“Becoming”. Becoming is a collection of images and texts which are an engagement of oral
memories and an exploration of the inherited African wax cloths as an act of re-identifying,
rearranging and restructuring of the self.
The artist, being a Congolese born immigrant navigating through the South African
landscape, draws from her background and identity by means of constant shared processes
and conversations with her mother. Princia Matungulu’s practice is a combination of
weaving, sculpture and storytelling; whereby the approach towards the materiality, the
intricacy of the weaving process and the resulting sculpture bears record of a personal,
inferred or imagined history. The artist employs weaving processes as a form of silent
protest – a means of understanding Congolese traditions, norms and values of ‘proper’
womanhood, which sometimes overlap and intersect with those of women from the African

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