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Nonhlanhla Yende (b. Johannesburg, South African,2000) is a mixed-media artist. She describes her practice as a re-representation of her identity as a young, black woman. The mixed media art works are inspired by growing up in Alexandra, her home where she got to experience the different narratives of being a woman and heteronormative norms in African traditions concerning the female body. Yende explores the intersectionality of being a black woman. Her works interrogates social norms in society and gender. She also tries to depict the daily lives of the people she is surrounded by.


charcoal on brown paper

75 cm x 79 cm


charcoal on brown paper

69 cm x 72 cm

Mshegu Tshabalala

charcoal x watercolor

76 cm x 75 cm

woman in white

watercolor x charcoal on brown paper

79 cm x 71