‘Camagu!’ means to bless, to appease, to thank, to forgive, to praise, to honour or let it be so in isiXhosa. It is a complex term with different meanings but in this context, icamagu livumile is a joyful expression or an allegory of my sacred and spiritual journey with my genealogies, amaZizi (clan name).

This single colour lino is a series of drawings on paper, meticulously executed with charcoal then carved on plates or linoleum to express joyful memories. The fine lines are a common signature or nuances of Tyamzashe’s prints. This print was produced in a manner that is similar to a woodcut (2018). The visual
language of this artwork is that of abstract expressionism. The mood of the lino evokes feelings of courage, hope, dreams and gratitude. The visual language of this artwork is abstract expressionism. It exuberates vibrations of genealogies, somehow her amaZizi knows that this artwork is a gift from Tyamzashe.