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This practice seeks to contemplate the entanglement of the omnipresent image saturation of everyday life and the tension that the individual posits within this web. Drawing from material online, social media, the internet, film and the tool of the smartphone as a documentation device I fragment images as a line of inquiry. I am curious as to how images hold the human body in its various iterations and the performativity present within this relationship and action. The work sits as a node from which to map or annotate the relationships between image, life, memory, online presences and the interconnected ecologies of attention, information and story telling. Through a kinship of paint and video, form becomes the vehicle through which these ideas are explored

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Through the sensuous and intimate relationship to images that I am able to propagate through painting, I learn of and am able to regurgitate my own thoughts, feelings and memories of images and the ways in which they dictate culture to me. Painting is the creation of an artefact which represents compressions of time, I am able to track a sense of thought development in this process. I am able to trace a series of interconnections-a snapshot of a system.

It is an exercise in thinking, grasping and holding information in an attempt to demystify or elucidate the role of the image in my artistic practice and day to day life. I have been experiencing quite a visceral exchange with my work, almost a confrontation in trying to make sense of why it is that I am drawn to create and the undeniable seduction of the image that I experience. Creating images as a process reveals itself to be a map making exercise. It acts as the fabrication of nodes and orientation devices, windows into other worlds while still referencing the one I am inside of.

On the subject of images, their circulation and ways in which they manifest in a contemporary context, I attempt to mine found footage from youtube, instagram or my own gallery. I place these pieces of information alongside one another in an attempt to begin to make sense of them. It is an exercise of consultation with the self and the images that I consume and create. It is a moment of ponderence between what is represented, what remains following that process as well as what existed before it took place. The work is also concerned with the tension between the hollowness of that action and the weight of it. It is a movement between opacity and reflection. Editing videos allows for this manipulation of images to take place.