• Isiqalo esitsha(New beginnings)

    71.5 x 57.5cm Acrylic and oil on Canvas 2023
  • Zoba usapho lwakho

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Mbali Mdikane is an artist whose creative practice delves deep into the realms of healing, meditation, and its importance within the context of the black community. Through their art, Mbali explores the transformative power of crying as both a form of meditation and medication. They believe that by embracing this cathartic release, individuals have the potential to find profound healing, not just on a personal level but also within the wider black community.

Mbali’s artistic expressions take the form of abstract representations of human anatomy, reinterpreting the black figure in a captivating and thought-provoking manner. By going beyond skin tone, they seek to highlight the multifaceted nature of black identity, emphasizing that it extends far beyond simple external appearances. In their work, black people are placed at the forefront, confronting societal norms that often push them to the margins.

By placing the black figure at the center of their artistic narratives, Mbali challenges the historical relegation of black individuals and communities to the background. Their art speaks to the need for greater visibility, empowerment, and agency for the black community. Through their exploration of meditation, medication, and healing, Mbali’s artistic practice becomes a powerful tool for igniting change, fostering unity, and inspiring self-discovery within the black community.