Getting to understand my artistry is getting to
understand me as a person who is constantly
growing. My work centres a lot around the
changing and acceptance of the self and how we
as people are never just one thing but we are
combinations of pieces of our past, present and
future selves, I try to explore this through my
photography in the best way I possibly can. My
practice is deeply rooted in my spirituality and
my understanding of my ancestors and how they
have moulded me into who I am now and who I
am slowly becoming in the future. My work zeros
into perspectives that are barely ever taken into
consideration when interacting with people,
looking at the humanity in us rather than everything else.

Ndim Nezinyanya Zam (The Dance)

297 x 420 mm

Ndim Nezinyanya Zam (The Connection)

297 x 420 mm

Ndim Nezinyanya Zam (Our Dreams)

420 x 549 mm