Understanding the confusion and anger that accompanies death is near to impossible.

Pushing those limits within art is how many have have learned to accept the angst of life. Having a creative escape allows for the turmoil  to pass from mind to paper.

There is a beauty with the pain, all you have to do is search for it.

Pushing the limits and understanding of perspective is something that I strive to reach, it is a process that I hope to accomplish one day.

The past four years has brought in emotions I never thought I would have to experience so young, but learning from it is what I have been trying to do, albeit it is not as easy as I originally thought it would be, but it is a Journey that I and so many others have been forced to face so with no other choice we have to strive through the pain.

The journey of grief is something nobody is able to predict, every journey will be different and difficult. Mine is just beginning.

They say time makes it easier but all it does is make you forget the memories you once held so close.

When I think of my grief I see something that I am unable to understand and explain, but I can try to put it on paper, some may understand what I see others won’t but it’s my journey and emotions that I am willing to share.

Death is a plaque we can’t escape but it’s something we need to learn to understand, hopefully one day we’ll know the truth.

Mixed Media – Paper
73.7cm x 99.3cm