The Unnoticed. 

I am an artist that grew up in a small town called Lotus Garden I was never exposed to a lot of things in life rather than my surroundings. I grew up around women raised by a single mother. As a kid I grew up curious about why things are as they are and not in a different way. 

This series of work starts in a process of collecting broken home materials and thrown away materials. After the collection I try to play around with my creativity, I combine, extract, and build. My favorite materials that i use the most is wire and rope because they bring that sense of flexibility. I photograph my sculptures and I use light, shadows and framing to create the sense of control. I want the focus to be the sculptures and their form rather than any other destruction. 

My goal with this project is to build a form of change. To bring the feeling of things never really stay as they are, time is change. Therefore, I want to create the sense of change and change has stages from creation, destruction, to creation again. Whoever, beauty hides under the destruction more than the creation. 

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