My work explores personal narratives speaking directly from experience: existing vulnerably. The works I created after my mother’s passing explores my understanding of loss and mourning, through expressing the internalized processing and emotions vulnerably onto bodies of cloth. Seeing as though my underlying foundation to my compositional thinking takes the form of the idea of art therapy, my intention is to heal through the process of making and producing art(works). Hopefully providing a sense of healing and empathy not only for myself, but to my audience who might have experienced the same kind of trauma and loss. I have decided that my artistic practice and career as an artist should be able to give me something in return. And over time as I create these works inspired by hardships, I begin my journey to healing. Through the memories I was left with and the memories that are not to come, the one that I have lost will always be here, with me, in one way or another. 

What She Left Behind puts together the likeness of my mother. The essence that was left behind in her archive of photographs, journal entries and scriptures. This mixed media clothwork incorporates different textures and elements of the past. The work assists this newfound journey of grief, mourning and healing through the retracing and extracting of archival memory in hopes of reconnection.. Thus producing personal narratives through the sentiment of touch and intimate placement of textile art.

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“What She Left Behind”
mixed media clothwork/textile
h 96.5 x w 74.5 cm