Entanglement is at the centre and the at edge of all living forms. The entanglement of human life with that of the soil is a vastness made visible to the human eye when we engage with the organic systems of life.

Soil mycology and practices of soil regeneration inform this body of work. Contemporary relationships between humanity and the earth are engaged with through soil and its interconnected system/s, evoking an intimate engagement with natural processes of growth and decay.

This body of work thinks through a regenerative approach to art making, where care and reciprocity inform my practice. The relationship of composting and papermaking engage with the cycles of organic matter, interlinking decomposition and regeneration to create new life and different forms.

The art of papermaking is a means of engaging with these complexities through a medium that can embody a regenerative approach. My composting practice opens space for a regenerative engagement with the natural world and those who dwell within the earth.

a trace of entanglements
handmade paper, ink, compost