This project explores the idea of identity and what the true nature of it really is.
Identity can be quite complex and multifaceted. It is often layered with the multiple versions of ‘self’ that we portray. However, is there a singular unified version of our own identity?
This is something that we try to define over the course of our entire lives. How performative our identity is often shaped by our context. There are multiple versions of this. Your view of yourself vs how others see you; how you portray yourself around your friends vs a more professional environment etc. It is intersectional, ever-shifting and constantly evolving.
Does one unified identity even really exist or is our entirety actually made up of a collection of incomplete masks, each one feeling just as genuine yet simultaneously fraudulent as the next. The nature of this project is that it will, much like “identity”, be in a perpetual state of growing, evolving and changing. The project is
intentionally left open ended with an uncanny sense of the unfinished attached to it as I believe that there is no final state of being/identity and this is something that we should all strive to embrace.

The Self
Medium – single channel video
Duration – 2:00min