Memory and family archives are two primary themes my work explores and engages in conversations with. As a photographer, I use memory and family archives as focal points in understanding and contextualising my own identity. Yiayia’s House is a series of images shot in my grandmother’s home, speaking to and referencing memory as the foundation of representing my family’s identity and well as my identity within my family. I have come to see ones existence as consisting of multidimensional identities, which go onto function within different spaces and contexts. Yiayia’s House looks at space – the home – as a signifier of family and memory. I was drawn to the idea of four walls, a single space, observing the growth and ageing of family members, and the idea that as time passes, people age and change, yet this space remains as an unchanged, fixed variable within the memories formed by each family member. In personifying this space and granting its ability to look and see, the relationship between the observer and the observed becomes interesting and complex.

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