I am working with ideas of Black masculinity, the values I grew up with and how I perceive manhood within my own experience and scope of understanding. I seek to depict masculine behavior that is not often portrayed within black communities and my own cultural background and upbringing, dealing with vulnerability, labor and masculine values such as men shouldn’t be weak. Using photography and video these ideas are given life through a series of documented moments in my friendship cycle and community as a whole. A kind of playful and intimate, heterosexual masculine relationship is what I seek to portray in my current work. An expression of masculinity that is ok with letting your feelings and emotions be known, such as depression and anxiety, which are the foundation of my concept. My work consist of a series of photographs and videos that are based on friendships with peers and my own mental history, using black and white imagery, abstraction and documentation. 

I would like to describe myself as an expressionistic artist who uses the medium of photography and video amongst other artistic mediums, in order to convey express my emotions, ideals and views on certain issues within society and my own personal life. When taking a video or photograph I like to look at issues that affect the self, blackness and space, these ideas for me form most of my workings around the art world which I am still discovering and my elf within that art world. I mainly work with black and white imagery because it carries a historical significance especially among the black community and it is a color correlation that conveys emotions and ideals on a greyscale without the use of many colors to express those ideals and emotions. Sometimes I work with abstract imagery in order to express these complicated ideals that I have about self, space and blackness, after all I am an expressionistic artist and I express myself through the lens and wish for my views to grasp and understand the world that I operate in by finding meaning within my abstract work.

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