The continuous exchange of knowledge and resources allows concepts such as seed sovereignty, food sovereignty, indigenous knowledge systems, and eco-socialist alternatives to contribute to contemporary discourse. These nodes serve as important theoretical concepts that extends a praxis of collaborative engagement.

Literature and writing as a mechanism for contemporary dissemination is a focal point of this publication, which employs the writing medium of short stories to engage with theory through artistic practice. The short stories provide a platform for conversation to take place and expand beyond two individuals.

Each story focusses on a traditional/indigenous plant being that embodies the potential of a particular theoretical node, representing the connection between theory and practice. The agency of a plant is acknowledged through story writing and visual exploration, which seeks to disrupt anthropocentric perspectives of the natural world.

The engagement with these plant beings through stories draws parallels between this publication and a physical practice. This embodiment involves a composting practice and the creation of a community garden. A discourse of collective engagement is imperative for interactive intervention, which can be achieved through the continued care of a space.

This publication acts as a Nexus between theoretical research and physical embodiment, showing how these practices inform and contribute to one another within a collective praxis.

Brishan Jordan & Emma Schumann

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