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Death of the Artist

Artist Statement

My art is an exploration of impermanence through the creation of sand sculptures. Each piece is a testament to the fleeting nature of existence and an invitation for viewers to contemplate the ever-changing world around us and creating their own interpretation of the artwork.

My work draws inspiration from the innovative approach of artists like Jason deCaires Taylor, whose sculptures interact with marine life, as well as Dieter Roth, who used sculptures made from organic materials which degraded over time. Taylor’s philosophy of art becoming part of its environment deeply influences my practice.

Central to my art is the concept of impermanence. Nature’s cyclical decay, reflecting continuous change, transformation, and renewal, is a fundamental theme in my work. I aim to convey the interconnectedness of art and the environment.

By creating a mixture of water and soil, I create the sculptures intuitively. The sculptures are delicately heated until dry, symbolizing the passage of time and the inevitable effects of the elements.

My creative process mirrors Taylor’s philosophy by allowing art to become an intrinsic part of its environment and also takes inspiration from John Dewey’s philosophy of how art is an experience by using the fleeting nature of the artworks to create a temporary experience. I embrace the fleeting nature of my creations by inviting the environment to reshape the artwork.

My art serves as a reminder of the fragility of existence and the relentless tides of nature. It invites viewers to contemplate the organic cycle of creation, transformation, and dissolution. Over time, my art has evolved to embrace imperfection and relinquish control. My sculptures engage in a silent dialogue with nature, reflecting the unpredictable nature of life.