Woven creams and yellows, decades of soap and softener.
This body holds every rip, wrinkle, and stain.

The intimacy of “invisible” chronic pain shows in this body of fabric. The bed is just a piece of furniture, but it is an intimate and private sanctuary for rest and healing, and it holds all the evidence of it.

This body of work strives for tender acknowledgement of an experience of pain, frustration, and anger. For the viewer to bear witness to a cathartic site of healing where one spends so much time being denied their body autonomy and credibility while suffering a normalised pain. The work is representative of dealing with both diagnosed and undiagnosed chronic illness or disease surrounding the uterus and finding comfort in times of struggle while dealing with pressures of the psychosocial pressures of being a woman.

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Tender, 2021, Ballpoint pen on used bed linen, 23x23cm