This video is a collage of found footage and footage that was recorded on the artists phone. There is an intuitive dialogue between two strange entities that attempt to make sense of the current shifting experiences of the present. The dialogue exists in the form of text but also finds points of communication between the moving images, diagrams and sound. The theme of a shifting nomad or shifting entity, a kind of formlessness, exists as a means to make sense of the various intersubjective spaces we occupy from the past and present to the physical and the metaphysical. The shifting quality relies on a different set of values and depicts an intersubjective collectivism or unique intersubjective relationships. Here the subject and the other are seen as connected and mutual in their experience of one another, whether good or bad and often the idea of the objects represented extend to encompass a degree of subjectivity. These signs often use an abstract digital visual language to represent an experience that can be considered to be metaphysical in its nature.

Adrian Fortuin
Dialogue with a Shifting Nomad (2020)