Humans have impacted the planet to the point where the line between the ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ has been blurred. Plastic, one of the more recognisable and tangible residues that mark our current era, is something that I engage with and explore through a process of merging elements of the ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’, as a way to think through this new era.

I have ground up ‘natural’ elements (flowers, vegetable, and fruit peels) and combined them with ‘man-made’ edible processed ingredients (corn flour & vinegar), to create flat circular objects. These objects act as a metaphor for the earth as a regenerative being, which can merge what is natural and man-made and continue to live. Using edible ingredients allows for the exploration of notions of life cycles, consumption, greed, indulgence, waste and decay, some of the cornerstones that have defined the age of the Anthropocene.

Sand II, 2020. Digital Photograph
Footprint, 2020. Digital Photograph
Untitled, 2020, Digital Photograph