In 2017, the Newwork19 group hosted their very first public exhibition, Raw Source, at The Point of Order. The aim of the exhibition was to appreciate the tension of differences and similarities within a group of artists. As a collective of artists, they continue to stray away from finding a singular language of expression and are more interested in what it means for their varying and overlapping identities to produce work in the same space and time. For NEWWORK19 the work starts when differences and similarities collide, provoking a conversation around practices that are individual and yet part of a broader collective identity. NEWWORK19 and it’s culminating exhibition becomes a space to find resolutions, to inspire collaboration, and to have a space for recognition. 

The maze, a motif associated with the NW19 group, speaks metaphorically about a journey that is not easily mapped out, and one that requires focus and dedication. The maze has multiple intersecting pathways and multiple entry and exit points, signalling the possibility and acceptance of each other’s journeys, finding moments to journey and work together and moments to choose new directions. The maze is one that has the illusion of endless continuity but the reality of entrance and exit. The reality of their forthcoming graduation has been a strong reminder of this.

As the culmination of a four-year process of learning, exchange and experimentation NEWWORK19 is an important indicator of emerging possibilities within the contemporary (South) African arts industries. 

Participating Artists:
Kira de Carvalho
Teri Davids
Kirsty de Kock
Tracy Edser
Kay’leigh Fisher
Gillian Fleischmann
Makaela Jade Gaines
Theesen Govender
Liam Howroyd 
Jessica Jindrich
Hemali Khoosal
Oratile Papi Konopi
Saajidah Madhi
Siyabonga Mahlaba 
Shannen Ayla Marks
Lindelwa Masuku
Tammi Mbambo 
Micayla Mohamadie
Queenzela Mokoena
Kundai Moyo
Shaylin Naicker
Bhakti Nathoo 
Kate Northmore
Mohini Pillay 
Omphemetse Patient Ramathlatse
Athini Rathebe 
Chelsea Selvan
Kgalalelo Shoai 
Lauren Spilhaus 
Wesley Steyn
Sinead Thorpe
Courtney Townshend 
Thulisani Zenda

Photos by Reshma Chhiba


Catalogue designed by Naadira Patel